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SD Fusion 00 Raiser Gundam marking redesigns

This is the redesigns of the orb markings of SD Fusion 00 Raiser to allow LED-ing, use them by printing it exact size and cut and overlay the originals and credit me 🙂


NOTE: The white bits on the markings allows LED to Shine through when printed on normal White A4 paper. But remember to drill holes/gaps to allow lighting to seep through.

Head Orbs: SD

Clear Red Forehead: SD

Upper and Lower Arm Orbs: HG

Leg Orbs: HG



SD Fusion 00 Raiser

Hi all,

some of you may already seen it on Facebook,

For those who haven’t, here it is~

The built consists parts from SD + HG, the overall concept is to achieve a hybrid 00 Raiser like the one you see in Super Robot Taisen Z2 Saisei Hen

The 00 Raiser Gundam is to feature-


Hybrid look and feel

Custom Base

Stay tuned for more updates




Hi all,

thought I’ll have a crack at building a MG AGE-1 Normal, gonna install some LEDs in it like always 🙂

Check regularly for updates

Phase Shift:Off~