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LEDing SD Zakus and Gundams Tutorial Set


This tutorial set will consist of 3 parts

Part 1: LEDing SD Zaku's Monoeye

Part 2: LEDing SD Gundam's Eyes
(Making Clear Eyes/Painting/Making it More Badass/LED-ing)

Part 3: Connecting to Power Source (Coming Soon)

FAQs (Coming Soon)


This tutorial set will assume that you know how to solder, stripping wires and operating an airbrush.



-Part 1: LEDing SD Zaku's Monoeye-




Part 2.1: Making Clear Eyes for SD Gundams


This part will show you how to make sexy clear eyes for your SD Gundams,
which will prepare the eyes LED-able. Enjoy!!!


Credits: Endo Mike, for pla bending tips










Part 2.2: Painting Clear Eyes

This part of the tutorial will teach you how to paint the clear eyes that we previous made in part 2.1



Part 2.3 : Making the Head & Eyes More Badass:


This is a bonus part!!! It'll teach you how to make the head look more badass :) 








Part 2.4: LEDing SD Eyes:

This is the final part for part 2!!! It'll teach you how to install LED
into the head 
to light up the eyes :) 





FAQs: Coming Soon



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