GODHAND: Ultimate Nipper review

I’ve finally bought the Ultimate Nipper SPN-120, thought I’ll share with you guys how it performs


Ultimate nipper nipping comparison against mineshima premium thin blade nipper~

As you see the ultimate nipper is worth its price, little nip marks are visible after cutting and almost cannot be felt, this leaves sanding effortless, only need a few passes then it’s clean 🙂


Above is the nip mark left by Ultimate Nipper


Above is the nip mark left by Mineshima Premium Thin blade nipper

Ultimate Nipper=totally worth the price
because it leaves a pretty clean surface, doesn’t damage the plastic and makes sanding nip marks off effortless

the bottomline= GET IT!!!!



2 thoughts on “GODHAND: Ultimate Nipper review”

    1. my bro, be careful with it, i broke mine, don’t cut anything other than gunpla parts, cut lightly, i broke mine trying to cut thin acrylic rod T_T don’t cut materials/rod diameter thicker than 3mm

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