MG Exia: Blue Trans-Am

The MG Exia is a model of fine contours, therefore I had a go at creating an Full light up version and Trans-Am Lines; in Blue

SD Justice

This is the showcasing of SD Justice; featuring LED lighting, added height, custom colors and display base

SD Fusion 00 Raiser-Build Diary

This is the Build Diary of SD Fusion 00 Raiser, made from modding and combining SD and HG

Painting Clear Eyes Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to paint clear eyes with the reverse wash technique

Custom Acrylic Display Base & Image Transfer Tutorial

The long await tutorial, finally up!!!

Monoeye LED Tutorial

This is a LED SD Tutorial Set, this monoeye tutorial is part 1

SD Gundam LED Tutorial

This is a LED SD Tutorial Set, this SD Gundam LED Tutorial is part 2

SD Force Impulse

A speed build for a friend as souvenir, featuring simple mods, LED, custom base and case

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